CCTV, WiFi Distribution, Network Points & Video Intercom System Installation in Broomfield Road, Coventry

So What Did We Do?

CCTV Solutions
Intercom Solutions
Wifi & Networking Solutions

The Problems

– So on this project, we had a hands-on landlord, with his own in-house team. From ripping the building down in the sorry state that it was previously to building it back up to a luxury 13 bedroom apartment complex; split into four apartments. Mostly everything from electrics to plumbing and carpentry was completed by the in-house team. When it came to the CCTV & Networking side of things the landlord put his trust in our experience to provide him with reliable solutions to his issues. His requests were very clear, he wanted the highest quality CCTV paired with a video intercom system so that the tenants could view who was at the front door. He also wanted double networking sockets in every room as he would provide the tenants with a TV in each room. To also compliment his high-speed internet package he wanted each tenant to be able to get the most out of their internet so opted for each apartment to have its own dedicated Wifi connection.

The Solutions

– As we do with all of our projects, a site survey was undertaken to identify exactly how many intercom systems, cameras, and access points would need to be installed for a complete solution. Instead of using hundreds of different brands, we have found that mastering one leading industry brand for each solution is always best because it allows us to know the solution inside out and provide ultimate reliability and satisfaction.

It was determined that one access point for WiFi Distribution and one communal intercom would be the best cost-effective solution that would be most efficient for the end-user (the tenants).

CCTV – Hikvision IP Cameras
Intercom – Hikvision IP Intercom
WiFi Distribution – TP-LINK Business Series gigabit access points
Networking Points – Cat6 Double Network Socket

Apartment before construction in Broomfield Road, Coventry

old voice only intercom system
The building in its original state, with a voice-only intercom and no CCTV.

CCTV Solution

– Our go-to CCTV manufacturer is Hikvision – The world’s largest CCTV manufacturer. With the huge residential and commercial application, Hikvision has something for every scenario. We used their slim-line aesthetic 6MP Audio camera at the front door overlooking the intercom and high-quality 6MP turret cameras elsewhere. With a variety of brackets to choose from, we opted for the arm brackets up high and the deep base brackets down low.

hikvision 6mp turret camera

Hikvision 6mp turret CCTV cameras


Please find below sample images from the cameras in both the day & night. Crystal clear night vision with remote access from an unlimited amount of mobile devices with no monthly fee, with the in-house application.

front door footage of our installed CCTV, at 5 PM

front door footage of our installed CCTV, at 3 AM
Color images at night (3 am) depending on light exposure

footage of Flat 4 driveway from our installed CCTV, at 5 PM

footage of Flat 4 driveway from our installed CCTV, at 3 AM
A new range of cameras have just been released, the “dark fighter” range would
have allowed this client to see in color at night. The image below is in total
darkness with no external lighting

Video Intercom Solution

The client in this instance wanted the tenants to be able to view the CCTV from their intercom station but he didn’t want them to be able to remotely open the front door. In his previous HMO’s he had two scenarios he wanted to avoid:

  1. Not allow tenants to buzz people in if they didn’t know who they were. This system ensured that the tenant could speak to whoever was at the front door from their own apartment but then had to manually open the front door with their key and address the situation.
  2. Callers at the door blocking the video intercom system or peephole at the front door. If this situation occurred the tenant could instead view the front door audio camera and determine who was at the front door.

– Below is the main menu view, front door view, and alternative front door camera view. Calling between apartments has also been set up.
– Each apartment can be called individually, the tenant only wanted for the first three apartments to be able to be called to.

intercom system installed by Smart CCTV Systems

video intercom installed by us

the old and new intercom outdoor station
(Before) The older voice only intercom outdoor station (After) The newer video intercom outdoor station with two-way speech

Wifi & Networking Solution

The Wifi & Networking solution was fairly straightforward. The client wanted an integrated Wifi Network with separate access points for each flat. As we configure most of our networks, wherever the tenant would move, the strongest Wifi Signal would be picked up by the tenant’s device and then automatically switch over to whichever wall-mounted access points gave the best Wifi Signal. We had a total of 36 network modules that would be solely used for the tenant’s smart televisions.

WiFi Installation Service by Smart CCTV Systems